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The Marvelous NBA Playoff Cinematic Universe
By Anytickets.com Staff | May 19th, 2018

The Western Conference Finals (the unofficial NBA Finals) has been an incredible, almost cinematic experience so far.

Act I saw both teams come out with dominating performances, splitting the first two games. The Warriors’ Hampton 5 awoke from their regular season slumber in Game 1, winning 119-106. The Rockets followed this with an iso-riffic rally in Game 2 and won 127-105.

What does Act II hold? Hopefully, these teams can fit in some close games, and, if the league and NBA junkies are lucky, a few overtimes. In fact, this should be expected. Golden State and Houston are too good to simply exchange blowouts. The teams are known for their incredibly efficient offenses, but they both play excellent defense.

Houston Rockets v Golden State Warriors

Additionally, each team has its own compelling storyline. The Warriors have to hope Steph Curry gets back in game shape soon. As entertaining as it is to see Chris Paul break his ankles, the series would be more entertaining if Steph was playing at 90 percent at the very least.

The Rockets need the supporting cast to play their part. Houston does not have five all-star caliber players, but they do have two veteran forwards they brought in to play 3-and-D roles. When P.J. Tucker and Trevor Ariza play D and hit the 3 you get Game 2. When they do neither, you get Game 1.

Of course, super-sixth man Eric Gordon needs to do his part as well. He may not need to almost blindly hit threes from 30 feet out, but he does have to score and punish the Warriors short bench.

If Steph can redeem himself and the Rockets role players can play with some sort of consistency there will be a fitting Act III, a Game 7. Then, whoever wins can be sure to sweep the winner of the Eastern Conference Finals in the post-credit scene.

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